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While we`ve been finding out about e-learning for a long time now, its m-education that is gradually yet steadily setting foot into the Indian market. With the growing affinity of kids towards mobile phones and the huge market offering devices particularly created for children, m-education is likely to be the next video game changer. This isn`t an extremely crowded space, however there are enough rivals, and one such is Bangalore-based start-up FlipClass.

FlipClass is a market for tutors. Moms and dads can sign up on its site and look for tutors for K-12 students, numerous entryway exams such as JEE, AIEEE and so on, for both home and online learning.

FlipClass was established by VineetDwivedi, an IIT-Kanpur and IIM-Bangalore alumna. It was his ordeal to discover a tutor for his 11 year old child standing for Maths Olympiad that resulted in creating FlipClass. It was in 2013, I was searching for a Maths tutor for my 11 years of ages kid as he was to appear for the Maths Olympiad. To my dismay, I discovered the task extremely stressful and ineffective. Nobody could refer me to a tutor who was not simply experienced with the subject however likewise excelled in interaction. Even if someone would claim to have both the qualities, they were either beyond my cost or they showed me completely incorrect when they started tutoring, Dwivedi informs us.

Presently, it`s a 40 member group situated across Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad catering to over 4200 students with 11,000 teachers onboard. He further tells us that FlipClass has a stringent filtering process to guarantee that just the very best tutors get onboard. We do detailed screening of tutors for subject understanding as well as teaching capabilities. Our tutors follow an unique evaluation platform and monitoring innovation through our internal constructed evaluation platforms like FlipLearn, he said.

FlipClass just recently rise funding of $1 million from Blume Ventures and S Chand & Co. It makes money through earnings sharing with tutors. The payment is made straight to FlipClass and after completing pre-decided hours of teaching, a part is paid to the tutor, he informs us. The FlipTutor app that achieved over 40,000 downloads within a month requires certain virtual points to get the questions addressed, and on tiring them, one has to pay and purchase more.

By the end of 2016, FlipClass expects student enrolment to cross the 20,000 mark and get more than 30,000 tutors onboard. It intends to touch 100 million users before completion of this year.