SK World s tops online market in Turkey

Date: 14 MAY posted by Bitcoinasaon, , 46 Comments

E-commerce platform, operated by a subsidiary of leading mobile operator SK Telecom, topped the online market in Turkey in 2015, the Korean company stated Monday. SK Planet, which owns the online market 11st. com here, introduced the Turkish variation of the website in March 2013.

As a latecomer to the market, we dealt with tough competitors and lacked infrastructure, but we armed ourselves with the state of mind of a start-up in the e-commerce business to take us to No. 1, CEO Jo Won-yong stated in an official statement.

After gaining the most regular monthly deals in October 2014, reached the annual leading slot with deals totaling up to $485 million in 2015, according to the company.

As of completion of in 2014, has 6 million members, with over 27 million items for sale. The site gets over 15 million hits per month.

SK Planet said that it differentiated from rivals in Turkey through numerous localization methods.

It developed the Studio that supplies assessments for sellers and complimentary image shoots of items.

The site likewise opened regional workplaces in significant Turkish cities and produced collaborations with six distribution companies to allow low-priced shipping throughout the nation.

After entering Turkey in 2013, SK Planet broke gotten in Indonesia with the brand elevenia in March 2014, and began operations in Malaysia with the brand name 11street in April 2015. The company plans to go into Thailand this year.



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